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Friday, May 27, 2022

Price Action Trading : Technical Analysis Simplified!


Price Action Trading : Technical Analysis Simplified!


Price Action Trading is a trading technique in which traders make use of only 'Price' and 'Volume' to make trading decisions. This book by Sunil Gurjar, founder of Chartmojo, will guide you how to trade in securities and time entry and exit in a better way using price action, without relying much on technical indicators. The book is written in a simple and easy to understand language and best suited for people wishing to learn Technical Analysis, especially Price Action. The book is applicable to Intraday Trading, Swing Trading, & Positional Trading. This Book will teach a trader or investor basics of price action technical analysis so that he can pick right stocks at right time to make money from trading or investing in them. The book will teach you how to use various technical analysis tools like support - resistance, moving averages, candlestick patterns, chart patterns, etc in price action trading with help of various case studies and charts. The book also explains risk management techniques like Position Sizing, Placing Initial Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss, Maintaining Trading Journal, etc.

Price Action Trading : Technical Analysis Simplified!




Candlesticks like Maribozu, Hammer, Hanging Man, Inverted Hammer, Shooting Star, Doji, Engulfing Pattern, Harami Pattern, Piercing Line, Dark Cloud Cover, Morning Star, Evening Star, Three White Soldiers, Three Black Crows, etc are explained in this book. The book also explains Advanced Candlestick Analysis Methods. Chart Patterns like Head & Shoulder, Inverted Head & Shoulder, Double Top, Double Bottom, Rounding Top, Rounding Bottom, Ascending Triangle, Descending Triangle, Symmetrical Triangle, Rectangle Pattern, Cup and Handle, Channel Pattern, Wedge Pattern, etc are explained in this book. Book also covers 49 case studies which explain all the concepts in a practical and easy to understand manner.


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