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Saturday, April 17, 2021

CREATE YOUR MOBILE APP TODAY ! Start & Grow Your Business



The Article is for Entrepreneurs and Startups






Your app in a few minutes without coding !


Without subscription!


The mobile app market is booming. Imagine for the cost of a dinner for two at a mid priced restaurant. You can start developing and selling mobile apps to any business or individual anywhere, it’s not only possible thousands are already doing it every day it's easier than ever to develop professional fully functional mobile apps in just minutes no special skills required. Create powerful robust information apps and sell them on application stores create quality market savvy apps for traditional businesses such as restaurants charges set up and recurring monthly hosting fee for a recurring profits there's so much more you can do with the pre-developed app templates all are easy to develop and easy to use it's never been easier to start your own mobile app business than right now develop apps quickly and easily generate new revenue streams no coding or programming needed save thousands on program or cost and development.


Do not Wait - Just Follow Your Passion Before it is too late



You Can Make 


CLASSIFIED ADS : Create your own Marketplace app!


Quiz : Create a quiz! Educate or entertain your fans, your customers!



M-COMMERCE : Sell products online in your mobile app! Present a product catalog, let your customers order, manage your orders from your backoffice.


LOYALTY CARD : Create digital loyalty cards in your app! Challenge your customers in a fun way!



SOCIAL APP : Inform your fans, your customers about your news! Be inspired by their comments and suggestions! Add a real time chat in your app!           


Discover all the other features available: QR code, calendar, geolocation, contact forms, radio, video, audio, integration of your websites (Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop....)

Do not Wait - Just Follow Your Passion Before it is too late


So Why Are You Waiting ? Click Here To Get Create Your Own App and Start Your Own Business





Will you get the apk file of your app and the source files of your app?

Yes, you get the APK file of your app and the source files for iOS and Android. You can upload the APK file to Play Store, or to other Android stores.



Is it difficult?

No, this is no difficult. No technical skill is required.



Is there a monthly fee or a yearly fee?

No, except for the Reseller Plan! This is a onetime fee. No subscription, you will have access to the platform for lifetime.



Is the app published under your own developer account? 

Yes, you publish the app under your own Apple/Google Developer Account. You get the APK file of the app, and you can publish on any Android store.



Is it possible to include web pages or web sites in the app just with the URL?

Yes! If your website or web page is responsive, you can include it in your app just with the URL of the page or the website.



Is it possible to get a demo account?

Yes! Choose the free plan.



Is it possible to monetize your app?

Yes, you can monetize your app with Ad mob ads (the revenue are 100 % for you), or you can sell your app on stores, or you can have a mcommerce app and sell products in your app. You can also create apps for customers, and get recurring revenue!




What kind of apps can you create?

You can create mcommerce apps (sell products in your app), you can create apps for small business (restaurants, shops,...) and charge them each month for notifications push! You can create information apps (including books, videos, audios...) free (monetized with ads) or paid on stores.You can create classified ads apps, Uber-like apps, quiz apps...



Is it possible to send Push notifications?

Yes! You can send unlimited Push notifications to the users of your app!


Are there video tutorials? 


Yes! Video tutorials easy to follow are available.






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